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This is a challenging time for publishers, WizPar gives the power back to publishers in their fight against Google, Facebook et al.


Who are you?
Dawe Post Ltd., the company behind the new and exciting app called WizPar, which comes as a iOS version and Android version.


How can WizPar help me?
WizPar is an open online publishing system that drives viewers directly to the publisher’s website. WizPar removes the social media intermediary between content and the viewer.


How does it work?
We use open standards such a RSS and HTTP. You can curate your own ‘streams’.


What do you mean by a ‘stream’?
A user subscribes to Streams relevant to their interests. They will see a number of new articles in each of their streams. When a stream is selected, a list of the most recent articles will appear. On selecting an article the user will be direct to your web page. When offline, WizPar shows a brief text summary provided by you.
Our Curation Engine searches selected sources of articles for relevant items.


How time consuming is setting up a ‘stream’?
Setting up and administering a stream is simple and very low maintenance. If you already use ‘RSS’ ( Really Simple Syndication) or Twitter, you can map these into relevant streams in a few minutes. Optimising your RSS and Twitter feeds for WizPar is simple.


Is there a cost to using WizPar?
No. The only cost is a little bit of your time.


Can any publisher use WizPar?


Are there any limitations?
Currently WizPar is being rolled out in Cambridgeshire as a test-bed by means of taking available online sources and curating them into 100s of eMagazines or WizPar “Streams”


Our company already has an app….
So, why would you use WizPar rather than your own app?
Here are some good reasons…
Persuading users to download an app is difficult and expensive.
Getting them to run the app regularly is near impossible, unless you are a major brand.
By integrating many publishers into the same app.
Writing and maintaining your own app is expensive business.
Because users are taken directly to your website, you have full control of the ongoing interaction.


How can you be sure Dawe Post will not abuse WizPar publishers?
We use open standards such as RSS and HTTP, you can move your investment to a competitive app easily.
You can curate your own Streams, you’re not dependent on other people’s “Algorithms” to get your article displayed.
Dawe Post has a business model that does not use or depend on publishing revenues. Our model merely seeks to leverage publishers to get people to use our versatile app.


Are there any intentions for WizPar to become a publisher?
No, we intend to leave that to the professionals! Our demonstration streams are simply to give you an idea of how it all works!


Where can I download WizPar from?
WizPar can be found at the App Store and Google Play.

Simply click on an icon to go directly to WizPar:



We need help!
Just email us at and we’ll help. If you are local, we are more than happy to invite you to our offices, and work through any questions or difficulties you may have.


WizPar – Social Media that doesn’t control YOU